Photographs: Touristic info centre Zlinsky Kraj

Distillery Land

An essential part of Vizovice is a glass of plum brandy or natural beer prepared according to traditional recipes. The company RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s. highly respects the tradition of distilling, the beginnings of which stretch back to the second half of the 16th century, and would like to bring it closer to the public. That’s why the firm has decided to actively devote itself to the area of tourism and is building an excursion and visitors’ centre, Distillery Land. The main focus of the Distillery Land project is to approach the tradition and art of turning fruit harvests into quality distillate and the presentation of the original “factory”, where the tradition of production procedures is linked to the most modern technology. The tour includes the visitor’s centre with an outlet store, a cinema hall, a growers’ distillery, a homogenisation facility with giant wooden vats (maturing the spirits), the bottler (filling bottles) and a tasting room. Also available are connoisseur alternatives with a tour of rectification (refining the spirits) and a distillery for the initial distilling process, including fermentation. Part of the tour includes tasting the products. Each visitor receives a gift of a miniature bottle as a souvenir. Annually, on the last weekend of August, the grounds of Rudolf Jelínek are taken over by the Trnkobraní celebration. The highlight of Trnkobraní is the world-renowned competition in eating plum dumplings. The competition is so original that in addition to thousands of excited viewers, the Czech and foreign media show a strong interest.