Photographs: Touristic info centre Zlinsky Kraj

Wallachian museum in nature

This town is the centre of the Wallachian region, whose inhabitants keep traditions of their ancestors to these days. The Wallachian open-air museum is a museum of timber folk buildings collected in the Wallachian region and moved to a town park and adjusting hillside. It is the oldest as well as the most extensive museum of its kind in central Europe. In 1995 it was proclaimed the national cultural sight. The first timber houses were moved from the Rožnov Square in 1924; in the following year the complex was opened to the public. Recently the Wallachain museum is concentrated in three localities – the Little Wooden Town, the Wallachian Village and the Mill Valley; it includes around 120 objects. The Little Wooden Town concentrates on citizen timber buildings. Around the Church of St. Anna is located the memorable cemetery of important personages of the region – “Valašský Slavín". In the Mill Valley still function technical water constructions, such as the mill and the water forge. In the Wallachian Village original agricultural plants are grown on little fields near the timber village buildings.