Photographs: Touristic info centre Zlinsky Kraj

At the meeting of the Chřiby hills and the Carpathians

The square in Napajedla is dominated by the Neo-renaissance town hall. The work of architect Dominik Fey celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2004. One hundred years ago, Franta Úprka contributed to the decoration on the town hall with a statue of St. George, the patron saint of Napajedla, and Jano Kohler with stained glass windows and the ceramic face of the tower clock. Another monument is the Late Baroque château built in the years 1760-69, part of which is the adjacent park, a Baroque fountain, a well and stone urns in the courtyard. The château is currently privately owned and is closed to the public. Only the château park is open to the public (the park is in English and French styles and is valuable chiefly for its composition and character). An unusual and popular feature of the vicinity is the grazing herds of horses. The tradition of breeding English purebreds in Napajedla has lasted without interruption for nearly 120 years. In summer, the administration of the stud farm arranges excursions for organized groups. In the vicinity of the pasturage on Pěnné, on an oxbow of the Morava river, lies the Pahrbek recreation centre. Other options for swimming include the nearby sand and gravel pit lake.