Photographs: Touristic info centre Zlinsky Kraj, Wannes Sambaer

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Spa Town

The largest Moravian spa, Luhačovice lies 25 km to the south-east of Zlín on the Horní Olšava river. It is famous for its superb wealth of medicinal mineral springs, lovely and pristine nature (CHKO Bílé Karpaty) and unique architecture, primarily the buildings of Dušan Jurkovič. Thanks to its diverse richness, Luhačovice is the most popular goal for domestic and foreign tourists; not just for treatment but also for experiences related to the area’s rich culture, social and sport options.


Unique natural attractions on the territory of Luhačovice bubble forth 16 sodium hydrocarbonate acidulous springs and one sulphurous spring. Each hour, 15,000 litres of mineral water reach the surface here! Some of the springs are open to the public, such as Vincentka, Ottovka, Aloiska, the springs of Dr. Šťastný and St. Joseph; others, for example Janovka, Elektra, Jubilejní, Sírný, Jaroslava, are used for bathing and inhalation in treatment facilities. As the most intrinsic symbols of the city, the springs and water form parts of the most monumental structure of Lázeňské náměstí, Velké kolonády (Great Colonnade), built according to a design by O. Poříska. The celebrated Bruselská fontána (Brussels Fountain) (created by Jan Kavan, was brought from EXPO 58 in Brussels, hence the name Bruselská) was brought to the spa park in 1960.

Style and architecture

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič, inspired by Wallachian architecture, gave the spa its distinctive character of half-timbered architecture. His work is represented by these buildings - Vodoléčebný ústav (Water Treatment Institute) with a spa pool and sunbaths, Jurkovičův dům, a Secessionist building with frescoes of St. Cyril and St. Methodius along the side facades, dům Jestřábí (Hawk House), vila Chaloupka, vila Valaška, which now serves as a spa hotel.