Photographs: Touristic info centre Zlinsky Kraj, Wannes Sambaer

This town at the foot of Hostýn Peaks, known for its long-time roduction of bentwood furniture, was established at the intersection of trade routes. It is mentioned in historical sources as early as in 1368.

Today, it is the gateway to the Hostýn Peaks as well as the whole Wallachian region, gaining praise for its picturesque lanes and odernised open-air grounds. One should not miss the Loudon Castle, housing the Municipal Museum. It includes several permanent exhibitions - “Pottery and Earthenware of Bystřice and Rajnochovice”, Flood Song” by Vojmír Vokolek, a sculptor from Eastern Bohemia, nd “Statues by Oldřich Drahotušský”. In addition, exhibitions of historical s well as contemporary art are regularly held in its premises. Among other sites of interest, Bystřice features a European rarity, a plane ree alley from the mid-19th century situated on the right bank of the ystřička River, a Baroque-Classicist chapel at the old cemetery, the oudon Cemetery and an exquisite Baroque column of the Crucifixion on the roadside in the direction of Hostýn. Most of the cultural events eld in this town are of a folk character as it lies on the border between the regions of Haná and Wallachia.