Brumov - Bylnice

Photographs: Touristic info centre Zlinsky Kraj


The remnants of the royal castle of Brumov are considered the most famous monument of the city. After completing exhaustive archaeological research, the castle was rebuilt and opened to the public. In the cellars of the upper castle is a permanent exhibition about the fate of the place with exhibits discovered during research. The lower castle is used for cultural purposes. The parish church of St. Václav (Wenceslas) is the second most famous historical monument of the city. The beginnings of the church, in regard to its consecration and the results of historical- -archaeological research, have been established as the middle of the 13th century. Among the architectonic monuments are the town hall, the newly reconstructed fountain from 1868, rare statues in the park and the Jewish cemetery, the only one of its kind in Zlínsko. The complex of the building of the former brewery from 1573 forms the oldest industrial enterprise in Valašsko. Preserved in the village of Sidonie are houses in a glassmakers’ colony and an oven for collective bread baking. In 1995, the historic centre of Brumov and the workers’ colony in Sidonie were declared an urban monument zone.

Movement in nature

Brumovsko is located along the basin of the Vlára river and lies in the White Carpathian protected scenic area. The surrounding nature is meant for tourism, recreation and rest. The hallmark of the attractive environs of the city is furnished by marked hiking trails, groomed runs with ski lifts and cross-country ski tracks in the vicinity. Among the most visited localities of the five thousand of the city are the recreational centres of Jelenovská and Královec. Cros-country ski tracks here are considered by experts to be a winter treat. In the city are a swimming pool, a field for ball games, tennis courts, a skate park anda rehabilitation centre. In the vicinity of the city is a riding school.